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IJSSH 2024 Vol.14(2): 45-53
doi: 10.18178/ijssh.2024.14.2.1192

The Influence of UK Education on Chinese Primary English Teaching through a Cultural Education Perspective

H. Hu1,* and Z. Shen2

1. Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, University of London, London, United Kingdom
2. Department of Foreign Languages, Sichuan University of Media and Communication, China
Email: luisahu2003@hotmail.com (H.H.); Prof.shen_zijun@whu.edu.cn (Z.S.)
*Corresponding author
Manuscript received August 6, 2023; revised October 10, 2023; accepted December 1, 2023; published March 15, 2024.

Abstract—As the present-day lingua franca, English is increasingly becoming more critical. Schools worldwide have adopted measures to teach non-native students English as part of their national curriculum to provide students with a broader range of opportunities in the global market. This paper investigates the current emergent problems in the Chinese teaching methodology and analyzes the UK teaching methods to seek possible Western solutions. This paper mainly focuses on the English classes taught at primary schools in the UK and China to explore this cross-cultural communication difference. The study will first raise awareness of these problems affecting students, which include a lack of motivation, poor language knowledge, and a poor language environment. Having established the main concerns and better understanding of the broader teaching spectrum, the study will make possible modifications to the traditional Chinese teaching of second language learners.

Keywords—cross-culture communication, English education, Chinese ESL problems


Cite: H. Hu and Z. Shen, "The Influence of UK Education on Chinese Primary English Teaching through a Cultural Education Perspective," International Journal of Social Science and Humanity vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 45-53, 2024.

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