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IJSSH 2023 Vol.13(4): 237-240
doi: 10.18178/ijssh.2023.V13.1151

In What Ways Can We Have Positive Responses to Evil Characters in Film?

Yi Guo

Abstract—This article is based on the fact that more and more evil characters are liked by the audience in the process of shaping movie characters. Through examples, I have read many reference articles and got the following points after thinking: the point of audiences, the point of society, and aesthetic form of film. It would explore and discuss with the development of our films, why audiences are gradually obsessed with some evil characters and some evil characters even are more attractive and captivating than some ideal heroes. Furthermore, these evil characters in these movies even be madly pursued by a lot of fans, which also pose some negative or positive effects to the society. This is completely different from the appreciation habits of the audience before. Through research, the evil characters are loved by the audience, which is inseparable from our audience's sympathy, life experience, social reality, and aesthetic changes. This kind of research provides a certain reference value for the future analysis of these evil roles, shaping the evil roles and reflecting on our society.

Index Terms—Evil characters, Appreciation habits, Ideal heroes, films

Yi Guo is with the College of arts, Humanities and social sciences School, University of Edinburgh, UK. E-mail: s2161284@ed.ac.uk (Y.G.)


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