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IJSSH 2023 Vol.13(1): 21-25
doi: 10.18178/ijssh.2023.V13.1113

The Triple Dimension of Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture and Its Contemporary Value

Yingxuan Yang

Abstract—Excellent traditional culture in the five thousand years of Chinese development is the root of nourishing national spirit and has a profound meaning and influence on people. Ideological concepts, humanistic spirit and moral codes are the unbreakable inscriptions of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the inheritance. Chinese excellent traditional culture is the ancient people of all ethnic groups in the creation of beautiful literature to convey the ideological concepts, in the loyalty of the king to serve the country in the deeds of the human spirit embodies the heart of family feelings, maintain of social order and moral education of future generations in the elaboration of moral norms. The excellent Chinese traditional culture continues and innovates the excellent cultural achievements in line with the current context on the basis of the correct ideology, outstanding humanistic spirit and excellent moral code of the ancients. The inheritance of excellent Chinese traditional culture is to inject the blood of the new era into the great process of history-making by the ancients, thus bringing into play its purpose of educating people with culture and nurturing them with literature in the cultivation of contemporary citizens.

Index Terms—Excellent traditional culture, ideology, humanism, moral code.

Yingxuan Yang is with the Northwestern Polytechnical University, China.

*Correspondence: yangyingxuan@mail.nwpu.edu.cn


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